Amaranthe - Hunger

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The first single from Amaranthe's self-titled debut album. The album will be released 13.4.2011.Director: Patric© Spinefarm 2011

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Their music is somewhat catchy, but I watch their videos for comedic reasons.... and Elize.
Aaron Stigall
Ability to rely on the music without reverting to T&A and goofball music video ideas: 0
Alberto Barrera
I am your destiny and you know it my dear 😉😏
There songs aren't bad but I like the music and her singing and someone else the rest meh.
Artūrs Virsis
3 vocalists?\nnice.
Let's all be honest here....she is absolutely incredible
Azure le waffle chiddo
I love this sooooooo much ^ ^
lol. With the intro I though a spam tab had opened.
Blond dude's HAWT (no homo)
Byron Arnaoutoglou
While I really like their originality in blending different musical elements together, their sound is awfully repetitive. If you take out Nexus and Hunger, I think that the rest of their songs are too similar. It's like they had one good creative idea and that afterwards they only produce copies of lower quality.
Chris Tine
i love the fusion from,electro,metalcore ,Speed and Powermetal.I hate growl metal songs,but this is fucking awesome,they find a balance between hard edged growling (understand the lyrics) and a very powerful fermale voice.Its very catchy
Christopher Aalto
anything that Scandinavian metal groups touch is golden : )
Cyborg Wolf
I like the song but that's some shit video they got there.
Danil Litvinov
Speed 1.25)))
Destiny game music video brought me here.
David Kurtović
that blue guitarist he is like at the end. .. I'M THE BAWSS!!
oh man. I love this group. Discovered them today. Hooked for life. Enough said.
Demon Dog
now THIS is an awesome way of mixing metal with pop babymetal shoould take lessons from them
Dragon Darker
Fantastic link from KALIPOGAME it,s a incredible tribute to amaranthe
EB Productions
The song is amazing. the video is crap XD
Love it! But brutal vocals does not make sense... Better without brutals.
El Libertoso
\nSoooooooooo many cliches it hurts. It ruins a song thats already not very impressive. But hey, it's still very enjoyable.\nAnd btw, the guy just wakes up his iPhone and taps the Amaranthe logo thats on the wallpaper, on the lock screen to call the rest of the band? lmao
Can't WAIT to see these guys tomorrow at The Gothic Theater in Denver.  1100 seat arena, gonna be like a private performance with these guys and Within Temptation, my two favorite symphonic metal groups.
ну бля у скрипача походон будь то качь не ибаца в рот!
Franco Eiriz
3:32 who the hell walks like that?
She looks like Celine Dion getting into hard rock music
Gonzalo Figueroa
Muy buen Power metal desde argentina esta muy buena la vocalista
Guichearmo Films (Gaming)
OMG the singer is sooooo hawt :3
Henrique Cunha
3:30 This is SOO Power Rangers xD
Heard this song from Klinda PVP. Anyone else?
this song makes my nipples hard..
My favourite song, and she is one of the hottest girl I've ever seen
Jappe Aho
Elize Ryd has very beautiful voice. And she is beautiful
Jefferson Sales
That intro. I thought i was watching a movie.
I think there is not a single scene in the entire music video where Elize's lips are properly syncronized xD
Jody Hughes
You know why I like this?? Because it dares to be different! The metal community are in general a bunch of elitists and critics, so any band that does this type of stuff I appreciate because it pisses the flock off because its not \
Jordan Hahn
Okay, I like their music but all their videos irritate me way more than they should. I mean, there's nothing 'wrong' with them per se, they just subtly irritate me. Just saying.
Kayla Cèzon
Peeple keep talkiin aut how this is \
Krazy Lobster
Pellek and Charlie, anyone?
My first Amaranthe song,still my favorite
The Drummer is great.👍🏻
Goddamn the last time I watched this, it had 2000 views.
Maga Oscura
*Happy Birthday My Love Elize Ryd I love you so much!* 💖😍😇😘
Marco Lenz
Nice song and Nice vid ^^
Mario Guerra
0:54 Put some balls on my face no delayyy hahahahahhaha XD
Mary Ruiz
Estas 3 voces suenan tan genialosas en una misma canción (*^▽^*) 💀💖
Matthew A. Swift
No talkie. Just watchie. She is a dream.
Mental Gear
i like my coffee with sugar ... but this..
Metal facts !
They are from sweden the producer of this band is friend with my dad i can meet them if i want #metal4life
Metalhead Sabaton
I can't understand those idiots Who say metal singers should all be male. Elyze ryd, Charlotte wessels, alissa white-gluz, etc. are great and beautiful artists. they're even better than a huge amount of metal frontmen
Michael J
I'd also put her in the back of my black van, only with a whole different purpose \u003e:)
2:29 This band is so boss they don't need to unlock their phones to call
Man i love the mix of the woman singing, the clean guys singing and then the growl!
2:29 - Plot twist: The iPhone screen was already broken before the fight
If Elize Ryd or any woman that looks like her told me that she's my destiny, I'd probably cream my pants instantly
Ozzman Osgood
Eye candy, bondage and violence... I'm getting mixed messages here :-\
Rebuild America
I want Elizes autograph, but Id probably turn into a giggling mess if I were within ten feet of her. Shes got to be the most insanely beautiful woman in music.
Revolutionary Guy
Elize Ryd makes me so hard , damn her hotness I can't resist it
Richard Atkins
Britney Spears meets metal O.o. As time goes by metal band are taking up trends of the mainstream media and life style
Richard Berendeeff
the lead singer is so good and very sexy haha very similar to lucuna coil
Robert Frag
Polska cie Kocha
Salla Jaakonaho
Really great song. Listen. :)
This is one of the hottest girls i have ever seen in my entire life.
Elize is so sexy...
omg i have never actually seen what she looks like dear god shes beautiful
Sunday Lucas
You see me rocking
I love that this band is ORIGINAL.. isn't that what people are always asking for and then when they get it, some hate on it.  Makes no sense.\nIt's POP metal meets POWER metal meets I guess BLACK metal with the growling and it somehow WORKS.\nIt's not their fault all their songs are so damn catchy and that they are successful at coming up with good sounds and hooks - that doesn't magically make it mainstream.  The average, non metal fan prob. won't enjoy this but I love it.\nGood for them.  Keep it up.
Telbun the Warrior
She's so hot it should be illegal.
Themis Spanopoulos
Don't hold the gun like that..come on....xD great song \u003c3
0:22 here you go
Unlimited Power
Where might I find a band that is very much similar to this minus the hardcore guy? I'm not huge into metal and those kinds of vocals are not quite my thing.
Valek Irwin
Amaranthe is like Nightwish meets American Idol lol. They've got some good stuff here and there, but it's so commercial/corporate-feeling. I'm almost ashamed to enjoy it.
Versa Zamar
Isn't the Rammstein band there kidnapping her?
Victor Krylov
круть реально!!!!!!!
Destiny music video by Arnold Sumagang brought me here, anyone else?
If metal core sounds like this, I am fine with it
Wolfman Gaming
Honestly i listen to metal a lot heavier than this but this is fucking amazing, this is like pop music with fucking effort, i love these guys!
The guy doing the growls kicks ass. He should frontman a band of his own.
Xeriz The Merciless
Cool guys don't look at explosions
Yummy Jello
This is such a troll video :D But luv the band
Play Heroes III with their discography, 50 hours disappears in one day!
courtney warner
That lady is incredibly beautiful and that screamer guy has some hard core talent. I love the beat to this song as well.
daniel snow
Good music, excellent voices.  They wanna rock dreads and some metal screams awesome.  If you don't like it, start your own band and write your own music.
if they wanted to torture them they shouldve threatened to cut their hair
ivan arciniegas
this band is like made from a marketing focus group...
cant... stop... listening
im not a fan of that kind of music...but SERIOUSLY THIS SONG IS SO GOOD
marisol escobedo
thts dude has more hairstyles thn she has ...every video
in this video Elize looks like Celine Dion 
miku asakura
Well that was epic
miro d
Love it. 3 different vocals just destroing me if u know what i mean
This song is so incredibly epically awesome! I love it!
still not understanding the context of the music video but still loving the song XD
Богдан Белаш
Элиз Рюд божественна!
Лиза шай
Я люблю эту песню
если такие люди на земле есть бля буду они молотцы!!!!!!!!!!
أبو حجر سالم حريصة خاصة
Best pvp music in the world