A Michelin-Starred Meal for $1.50

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Chan Hon Meng is the master chef behind “Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle,” the food cart home to the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world. Ringing in at a mere $1.50, Meng’s perfected braised chicken recipe was passed down to him by his uncle. Now, he’s serving hundreds of meals a day out of his hawker in Singapore. And while his food has gained acclaim and recognition across the culinary community, Meng hasn’t forgotten his roots. He’s still serving up the same great food, all for under two bucks.SUBSCRIBE:

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I visited India last year And travelled to two cities . Most of the street food vendors were serving meals for less than a dollar . And the cheapest I found was a 8 cent meal in a state called Chandigarh ( Sorry If I spelled it incorrectly).
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See this is good, no bullshit 24k karat gold, no caviar or truffles and this actually fills you up
A piece of Hair
Gordon Ramsey approves
I'm hungry now
Aaron YT
Singapore 🇸🇬
Alice K
Such a humble guy \u003c3
Ahhh hahahah.. so funny seeing people clammer over 'Michelin Stars' as though their complete subjective criteria rooted from evaluating high class French cuisine suddenly is valid or applicable to cuisines all around the world
Augustus Yuan
Kinda mad it was cut off. It sounded like he was gonna talk more about how his business changed when it got bigger. I would've been curious :/
B.L.D Racing
Bacon_Man105 _
Man $1.50?
I have unbelievable respect for this man
Blayas Blay
Take a good look of this man. For he is a man of honor.
1:06 Did he just finger the chicken?!?!
That looks so good though... damnit now i'm hungry.
Christian Altamirano
I'll get suspicious if he raises the price to tree fiddy.
Daniel Augustin
very nice! pure love to cooking. well done.
Darryl Cam
I remember seeing this man in Crazy Rich Asians
Davier Lim
He increased the price bruh\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBtw he has a restaurant i think at tai seng that sells his food for 4.80
Derek Doan
He must be good at roasts then hehe\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nNo? Just me? Ok
Dolan DeDock
2:42 c h i n g c h o o o n g
Drake summer
Kept his prices the same after michelin star. Humble gentleman, will definitely be going to his stall when im in singapore.
In my singaporean opinion.\n\n\n\n\n\nDurian is better.
Duy Linh Chu Ha
No offense but Michelin's move seems to be generating buzz for fame alone. Michelin stars used to be about the full package. The food has to be exciting, seasonal and different every time they visit, the service has to be impeccable, there shouldn't be even a speck of dust on the table and when you see the 3 stars on their door, you know there's something special and perfect about this place. Giving stars to this hawkers is frankly an insult to the chefs who meticulously checking their restaurant every morning, constantly coming up with new ideas for their menu, study different cuisines, ingredients and techniques under other chefs for years just to get the first star. I guess Marco won at last.
Edmond Zou
Damn how can you make even money? Tasty damn cheap affordable you can tell it’s for the passion not for the money ! Be humble
Elizabeth Shaw
I have had a hundred soy sauce chicken dinners but this is something special! And people who are complaining about the quality of the editing should first be talking about this man's honor for receiving a Michelin star!! Who in the hell cares about the editing? It's the story that's important!
So lucky to be a Singaporean all of a sudden
Epic Tien
Well gg this dude won life
Evans_YT - Gaming
Proud to be a Singaporean 😁
Faizan Mckagan
What an amazing human being
Fortnite Rage
Where my Singapore friends at scrolling down the comments?
Govardhan Mane
A tyre manufacturer who decides food standards, weird but meh.
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Horcomdev The third
Nice video
Isaac Pantti
So he is speaking Mandarin, right? And he speaks some other dialect originally and because of that his Mandarin doesn't sound normal, right?
If a dollar store had a restaurant
J Espinola
I believe more cheaper restaurants should be recognized as michelin-quality food, it's not as fancy and neither has the ingredients nor techniques that of a \
Jamie Mountain
Pot noodle + marmite = 5 star meal for 1.50
Jeff Papi7272
Uekwiwnwysh jwowowj
John A
So COOL! Win for the small business owner!!! Love this!
Jordan Groff
This man serves a $1.50 Michelin Starred meal on a paper plate with plastic forks, what a Boss!!
here I am, sitting on my rolly chair here in the US, wishing I could have a taste of that.
Meet Alex
Megane Chan
I need to move...right now
Melanie & Jazz
A beautiful and humbling story 😊
Meme Mugger
But Michelin is a tire company? Someone please explain.
Minhao Lee
Singapore is my city
Mukti Sapkota
भोक लाग्यो यार्!!!
Its amazing how a small country is so clean so crime free and the food is so delicious im not Singaporean but salute to you singapore ur one of the best countries iv been too
Nacho TV
needs to get this to the world at $1.50
Maybe a stupid question, but did he get the Michelin star for that one meal or for his whole cart/restaurant? I've always thought that restaurants get Michelin stars not meals so that's why I ask.
Noobies Legends
Gordon Ramsay going to kill this dude
Oli Teo
And im selling paper story books for $2
Pearl Hirunchai
Yummmm some of the best food I have ever had has been from Singapore!
Power Button
Wow, I'm speechless. Selfless.
Happy to say I didn't need subtitles :)
Chicken rice at its finest
Richard Lew
I just ate and I'm now hungry
Roland AJ
I think it's over hyped. I went to the original stall in chinatown's food court, the queue is long, the little granny is rude, and the chicken is bland, and dry.. Not really worth it, the stall around it is better..
2:35 why did u guys cut him out? He was trying to say the reason lol.
0:03 what are those!
Sai Gungurthi
You need more subscribers!!! It frustrates me that Youtubers like Logan Paul get millions of views everyday when these videos are so much more interesting and neat. Keep up the fantastic work!
Salvatore Shiggerino
This is why I never allow low price to be an excuse for bad food. Some chefs ought to be ashamed of themselves.
its amazing after all this time he is able to preserve the low price without sacrificing taste
Scyber_Sounds Of The Future
Much respect for not charging more or using cheaper ingredients after receiving the award.
Snake Powerforce
Congratulations on your well deserved star Mr. Meng\ni would love to try your dishes but i live all the way in california. hopefully one day or a cold chance in hell i will try your food.
I'm so hyped for this to open up in my city, can't wait to try it.\n\nI live in a third-world country and could only dream about trying out Michelin-starred food, this dude is a legend.
Steve Epic
What an honest, respectable man. Thank you for sharing your food and not falling to greed.
I think the secret spice is sichuan peppercorn :-\\
Sugar Show
I bet, it taste like chicken.
I came from a Gordon Ramsay clip
He should raise the price; even $5 is a fair price. That way he won't have to work so hard.
Teo Mitchell
Wow, I saw a \
Theodor Hellquist
I ate there once and it really wasn't that special compared to other food in other food courts in Singapore
Tukang Sayur
my occupation is meat beating
Twinkle Flores
meanwhile here in Canada we sell butter at cineplex for 2.00 for the popcorn
Usui Takumi
I feel hungry after watching this video.
Will F
Old news
the ticket costs more than the meal ;-;
He seems like such an awesome guy. Respect. \n\nAlso I understand everything he's saying lol
a Marsmallow
who come here after watch crazy rich asians?
anonymous mc
You sir are not a sell out....respect
aych tree
0:36\nChan.exe has stopped.
bernadette javier
A really great story!
eggs for exo
Singaporens will remember the ad for prudential
The way the edit is done on his words is weird when you actually understands what hes saying.
marshall vang
humble. respect
It's so beautiful. The cheapness inside of me just shed a cheap tear.
opdarkknight 185
Asian food is the best
prince DZ
Good heavens!
ptdamyas adi
does the price stay the same up till now, sept 2018 ? any answer.. be much appreciated. thx
Sadly his business has become too commercialized. I had a chance to try the food at a larger outlet of his during a trip, and the quality of the food was quite poor. Meat and noodles were cold and dry. Maybe it used to be good, or it's only really good if it's prepared by him and not the mass-market restaurant that sprung up as a result of his fame from getting a michelin star. Honestly there were similar stalls in other hawker centers that tasted better.
rafath chowdury
You can tell it's not about money for him but passion
sakata 21
One pack of indomie for 0.10¢ eternal happines
anyone else remember him from that youtube ad that goes \
the algorithm
Omg Michelin starred meal for only 1 50$ MOM WERE MOVING
he could sell this for $15 and become a millionaire
whatdahell duude
Damn, a Michelin meal for $1.50! He should start a restaurant chain and call it MengDonalds.
appreciate. respect