What I Ate On $1.50 a Day // Budget Friendly Vegan Meals (Days 1-3)

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From May 1-5 2017, I will be spending only $1.50 per day on food - the equivalent of the extreme poverty line. Here are all of the meals I ate on the first three days of the challenge. ✗ My 60+ Recipe Ebook ➢ • ABOUT THIS VIDEO • Cameras I Use: Canon G7x, Canon 80DSoftware: Final Cut Pro Music: This video may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting me!

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whenever someone has unusually amazing skin naturally ,they turn out to be vegan .
Abigail Kinghorn
This is the only person I've seen do this who didn't do shit like \
Alexia Zamora
I’m so glad you were real with the fact that it wasn’t easy and it didn’t make you as full as you were used to. Thank you for this video!!
Ali Rafatjah
You are wonderful Caitlin Shoemaker. You're an inspiration to us all with your lifestyle - thank you for your video!
Always Changing artist
Wow it made me so sad when you were talking about being hungry at school and not being able to focus because it makes me think about kids who might be hungry at school.😢 it’s good that you shed light on this
Andromeda Kai
I hate peanut butter so much, this whole video made me very grateful for my life and miserable at the same time.
Ani Nur Mariam
I think you are the most honest humble and realistic vegan youTubers. Love ur content
Beck Hays
To the people saying 'add this or that to your food', this whole video is about how the extremely poor live and eat on their wages. She was true to the challenge by not blowing her budget or adding extra stuff. Stop
Blutz Waves
I like how at the end you changed up the dinner with steaming the plantains. Throws a completely different twist on the meal. Anyways great job sticking with your ingredients and not quitting. Fun to watch you're very cute.
Brittany Hemingway
I really appreciate you raising the point about not being able to concentrate. When I was teaching, I had to regularly stock my room with granola bars because my growing middle school boys were often hungry and would be unable to concentrate. This often leads to \
Carmen Gildenhuys
It would be really cool if you could make a \
Cheap Lazy Vegan
LOVE THIS! I did this last year and it was def a bit of a challenge but eye opening :) I need to do this again!
Cimone Washington
Thank you for doing this. People may complain about how the food looks, but this is a reality for many of us. Food tastes great when you're already starving.
Clara Son son
How cool is that :) i really appreciate your take on this! You didn't glamorize your experience, but still made it possible and had some nice vegan and healthy food :)
Courtney Michael
love this video!🤩💛
Diana Elliott
You can make this so much better! We grew up poor and my mami always put flavor on every meal! We grew up on rice, beans and eggs for each one.
Dora Tiscareno
😞... I do know what its like to be poor...and go hungry several times a week...im so sorry
I think being honest about the difficulties of the challenge of important to show why poverty is such a huge issue.
Elisa Bell
So Chipotle is definitely overcharging everyone!
Emily Hamrick
Girl God bless and don’t forget you can always go to a goodwill food donation if your having trouble I used to have to go there and you can get canned green beans and stuff
Eternal Equality
I'm going vegan in the next 2 months and right now I'm just doing my research on how to eat. It blows my mind how some people can make food out of things I didn't think possible. For example I'd have no clue how to make pancake batter out of oats. Or how to make those patties that she had done. I'm afraid that when I go vegan I won't comprehend how to use food to make other food this way and will be restricted to only like 7 meals to eat consistently over and over again.
Fair-Is-Foul& Foul-is-Fair
When your poor your not eating the best quality food. You might literally be eating plastic food from China, so watch out for that. You should add food banks to your agenda and dumpster diving trips. The war on the poor in America is real, this reality should concern more people because America was never great.
Faith In Coexistence
The bg song reminds me of Youth by Daughter
Florensia Garner
girl....add garlic and onion\nit will make all food tastier\ni can't imagine eating all of those plain food
Gabi Maza
You could also buy some garlic to season your food it’s not that expensive (:
Glenda Peterson
A really fun video. If you're interested in how poor people made it in the past, watch \
Grisel Blanco
I know that college life. I was broke and you tend to get creative. I would suggest picking up a .99 cent garlic powder, powder onion and other spices that are .99 cents. They will enhance the flavor of the beans. I love your budget vegan meals shown here. Going to try them out (:
Heather L
Such a great video. I grew up mostly eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner because that was pretty much all my parents would buy. At the time, I wanted to cook but couldn't because there was no food to cook with. Then I moved out. Living on my own was pretty hard, but at least I got to buy my own ingredients and be more creative with cooking...at that time I used supercook.com, where you type all of your ingredients and it creates a tasty recipe for you. Then I went to and graduated culinary school....I learned so much ♡ I have always had such a great appreciation for food and thankful I had the chance to go to school and expand my knowledge. I currently have a budget of $7 a day. Even though it's not as low as $1.50, it is still a little tricky sometimes and it is really inspiring to see how you try to incorporate variety and fun into you dishes and succeed...not easy...This was so creative and I am really thankful for you making this video.
I like Gorillaz
lol just buy three instant noodles and ur done
I thought you knew
Theres free flavor everywhere. Taco bell hot sauces, ketchup, dipping sauces. Starbucks sugar packets... Even going to a costco for free samples. Great job on challenge though!!
I'm Elissa
She’s eating twice as much as me in a day and is still hungry?? Dafuq
Imaginary Winchester
I sincerely appreciate your bringing attention to this topic. It's a real struggle, people seem to gorge themselves on the regular, and don't realize what truly poor people go through. My little family (hubby, me and our 7yr old son) went through a really bad time for about two years. I couldn't work because of illness and my husband for part of it had a very low paying job, and then no job at all for a while. We had to walk three miles up a hill to get something from a store because we didn't have gas in the car, nor insurance on it, obviously. Any gas we had had to be used to get him back and forth to work. I often couldn't buy groceries at all and had to depend on local food banks. I thank goodness for them, so now I try and donate whenever I can because they kept us alive. More times than I can count, my husband or I (or both) wouldn't eat at all just to make sure our son did. I learned how to support 3 people for about $5 a day, that's all inclusive. I would make clothes, or repair and mend ones we had because we couldn't afford new clothing if something ripped or got stained. And we also didn't have running water in the house for about 4 months at one point. It was an incredibly depressing and painful time, neither of us likes to think about it, but I think it brought us closer together. I found out later that most couples break up over finance related issues, so now we joke that if we could survive that, we could survive anything together. :) Anyway, thank you again. This was much appreciated!!
Iram Elleoj Gnimal
what kind of beans are those?
Isabella Wommack
1,162,055 views. half of these are broke college students.
Jim Jose
She stuck true to her challenge n i could hear her stomach crying at 7:10 when she talks abt licking the peanut butter from the cup lol\n\nHonestly im impressed with the creativity in cooking and her effort n shes really pretty!!!\n\nDamit why cant i find someone like this in my uni -.-
Josephine Winter
you can make apple pancakes by slicing the apples straight into the pan and pouring the wheat flour and water batter over them, they stick together. I'd just wrap the pancakes round the peanut butter and bananas. Sugar might help them (i always just put it on top). But i salute your doing it. On the other hand, your patties idea is rather clever for making something bland interesting.
Khanh Ho
I did a whole summer in grad school, just eating rice and beans. There was no challenge. I wasn't even really trying to save money. I just had a roommate who was a mooch and kept eating off me. I couldn't say no to him. So, I just made rice and beans and we had at it. The thing is this: I put in a ton of spice: cayenne, paprika, onion, bell pepper, garlic...and a package of bacon.
Kissing Bandit
some hot sauce packs from restraunts would be helpful...would be awesome in your soup! Your soup looked awesome...
Kristen Leo
I loved this video and I want it to go viral NOWWWW Also I think we all need to appreciate the creativity that went into making all of this delicious looking food with such an incredibly low budget and keeping it so real and honest. Cannot wait for the next one!!!! \u003c3
Kristy Real
Good video, but for satiety, I buy oil instead of bananas. Fruit is nice, but it's actually too little nutrition to justify the price for someone living in poverty. I should know....I miss fruit, but adding healthy (as you can afford) fats to the beans and rice will make you feel full for much longer.....and oil is necessary for the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients. Fruit contains no nutrients that you can't obtain from cheaper sources.
if i'm on this diet, i'll probably be able to save $$ on the salt...\nthe tears cascading down my face will be more than enough to season the food, probably lol
Limey Figdet
She can't use spices and herbs because of the budget?
Madison White
You eat how I eat. But instead of beans and rice, we eat pasta almost every lunch and dinner. Sometimes I try to make something different, because my son gets tired of pasta. We just don't have the funds for that, though. I don't like saying that, but that's the way it is. After the week is over, my bank account is dry. I'm just thankful that I can feed my son.\nJust think. There is always someone who has it better than you; there is always someone who has it worse. We should be thankful.
Magpie Randoms
This looks like a miserable existence. I feel blessed to have the life I have.
Mani Sayasit
This is awesome! School is expensive! My budget during school was about $2-5/day, eating about 3 days of left over fried rice (tastes better the 2nd day). Costco was helpful during lunch $1.50 for a Polish dog n soda or PBJ sandwiches. Keep up the great work!
Megan P
This is SO impressive what you could do on such a tight budget and and your commitment. This video really opened my eyes and is very humbling, especially after reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. My eyes have really been opened lately to the struggles of people living without enough to eat and this has changed my perspective on food and has made me so much more grateful. Thank you so much for sharing💛💛
Melody Lavery
Where is the $1.50 per day based off of? Is that a domestic or global poverty line? I feel like in less developed countries, $1.50 will buy a lot more (local & nutritious) food than it does here.
I like that she actually cared to make an attempt to understand someone else's lifestyle and struggles. Much respect
Michelle Eva
I grew up hella poor and my mom would turn regular rice into Spanish rice and damnnnn that shit is amazing. Spices really do save your food.
Mike Maniscalco
Plastic has been found in rice from China. Only mention it bc it was mentioned rice tasted weird and like plastic.
Nevena H
Watching this made me cry for all the people and children who cannot afford enough food. We take so much for granted and complain about nonsense when in reality we are the lucky ones. Another thing, in my household with just wastage alone could easily feed another person or two....I will share this video with my husband and extended family. I think more awareness is definitely needed. Thank you 👍😘
Noora Maliki
These recipes look good. I'm not vegan but maybe I should try it. Usually vegan and affordable don't mix, these are those rare occasions. Btw, I should wear a shirt that reads, cows are for eating not for mooing. Don't get mad since you're doing the same thing.
Official X-Lence
For your pancakes you should have used Almond milk if it was affordable
Peter Vlčko
I like how you pile up that last scoop of peanut butter :D
Having grown up in poverty, I LOVE this video. I used to eat mostly ramen noodles and beans and rice, and it was boring and definitely didn't satisfy me. As a consequence, I really appreciate food more. In fact, I gained a LOT of weight when I was able to start buying my own food. I'm working on eating healthier, but I still don't have a ton of money even though I'm better off than my parents were for sure. I love fruits and veggies, so that helps. Thanks for these videos!
Random Person
A single avocado at my local grocery store is $1.50-$1.70. I could never do this challenge lol. Although it is Inspiring to see someone else do it.
Ricky Ticky
go with non profit where they give you alot of free food. they will help you. the city will help you with information like that
Rose Wood
Poor people don't waste their bananas by cutting them into pretty flower shape.
Sam Ramgren
she reminds me of Lindsay from freaks and geeks
Samir the Cat
Caitlin, you seem to be a reasonable person. I'm looking for tips on easy, delicious vegan/vegetarian food and cooking videos. I've recovered from a severe eating disorder so I can't deal with all the \
Sandy H
creative! :))
Sez Monsta
salt and pepper will save every broke person
Shannon Wilson
It’s really annoying when you take a spoonful of soup but only take half of it into your mouth 😂😂
Shona Greenhill
I spent a year homeless from 09-10 where I lived in homeless hostels with those that I never thought that I would. I had no money or no kitchen to cook in so I became reliant on food from the homeless daycentre and food share where business deliver leftover food to the homeless. Then 3y ago, I was abused a doctor, the Gov't once having paid my bills, I had £1 per day to live on. It drove me to suicide. The first thing that I did when I did have some money, I bought a chest freezer so if I ever get into this situation again, I won't go hungry.
Shoshanah Hillman
Chic Pea Curry will save your life 1 can is 52 cents at Wal Mart!
Sofia Clancy
Go to Wallmart & u can buy an entire mansion with 5 cents.
Spatz Moran
Your young. Talking and eating don't go together. Shows disrespect for your listener and shows a childishness in yourself. Your eating habits are not nutritious and you WILL suffer as time goes on. Research FIRST before you 'taught' others would have showed maturity.
Srh Srh
You can cook those already boiled beans in those tomatoes adding onions garlic a drizzle of apple cider vinegar cilantro salt & pepper like Latin beans over rice cause that dish is sad love your ideas tho 😘
Starrie Knight & The Android Clones
It’s best to wash the beans, or any grains really before cooking them
Steve the Pussy Cat
I think this would be very doable with more spices. Yeah that would increase the overall price for the week, but I think it would really help taste wise.
The Canine Nutritionist
Rice isn't good for you.
This really makes me think about the children who do not have the privilege of adequate nutrition and how it affects their mental, emotional and psychological being, thank you.
Traders Friend
Thank you for doing this, great video. Also thanks for your candor on how the food taste, some people would just say hummm, that's really great, but you said, 'it's not terrible.....lol
Tsveti G.
I'm impressed by how you managed to cook such good-looking food on a such low budget, you're so creative. Btw, I love your dimples, they're so cute :).
Va Her
The mess in the back is all I can look at... how do you live that way ?
Val T
cait i eat like that almost every day and it's so nice to see this, cause every other video seems to be full of expensive products 😞
Vondr Albra
To anyone who is trying to live the budget life, there is a hilarious video by \
I really appreciate your honesty about the food and the acknowledgement of the privilege many of us have with affording healthy food. You put yourself in an uncomfortable challenge to truly recognize a worldwide problem first hand, and I think that's very commendable. Really enjoying the series.
HOT SAUCE!!! Cheap and adds flavor!!
blair bass
You should have made plantain pancakes my mom has made them before and they’re actually so good
budi seth
Get sugar daddy u won't get hungry,😁
corsican lulu
if ur poor like i am, u DEF. need to buy all the food u can in bulk!! u have to! i buy the spices i use the most in bulk, like garlic and onion powder. also brown rice, quinoa, lentils. yes it seems expensive at first but its worth it because the food can last for months and that always helps. amazon, and if u have club stores like bj's sams club u can go to them, or at least get a free one-day pass online and buy what u need online if u dont have one near u.
denise duggins
It's probably important to.remember that most who live in poverty eat extremely well...it the ones just above that struggle the most...
Learn how to make a garden next.
esilasaram 455
Peanut butter looks good but taste disgusting 😧 i need another else for add my meals
Great vid. That plastic taste from your rice: rinse and soak first. And don't store rice in plastic after its been opened. 😊 Soaking your beans overnight will really help the flavor and get rid of the enzymes that make ya gassy. The struggle is real
ii universalii
she is sooo creative, pankcakes!!!!
kaity parsons
I love this. I feel like most vegan YouTubers don't understand what balling on a budget actually means. You see so many \
Your ‘whining’ was actually a great part because the simple fact is as good as these recipes are, living on $1.50 is impossible, and we need to start giving the poor a liveable wage. This is not liveable. Good on you for this vid.
people making fun of the food or the girl for \
melliesa robles
you are so adorable !!
mlayy 04
Not everyone has a blender & all that fancy stuff
Where da heck do you get peanut butter for less than a dollar!?
Watching her eat green plantains just like that was weird lol\n\n\nYou can fry them when their ripe and then they're sweet. \nOr you could squish them when their green and make Tostones. (kinda like a chip kinda not) its great budget food because they make great and inexpensive snacks. Just salt and pepper them and your good to go.\nInstead of just a can of tomatoes you can get a \
Living with 1.50/day because i need to save the rest of the money for a blender
How did the canned goods get to the store you bought them from? I'm guessing gasoline which is made from dead animals... you sure you're vegan?
people are living on less then 1.5 USD per day, they not use a car to go to supermarket to buy food for 0.5 USD, they dont use electricity to cook, and they dont use blender
This would certainly not be enough food for a guy with even an average energy expenditure throughout the day. It would not be enough for a growing teenager. \n\nI think what everyone is missing here is that it would be hard to thrive on this diet. A poor person would increase their calorie intake by buying high caloric foods -highly processed, fried and sugar laden. \n\nI think an important thing issue ifs that you knew this challenge would end - that is important. Can you imagine eating this way indefinitely and what it would do to someone psychologically?\n\nI'm not sure how long you did this challenge but when I think about someone having to eat this way for a year - feeling deprived and hungry even though your're trying to eat healthy, would be depressing in the long run. That kind of thing robs you of energy and makes day to day living a complete grind.\n\nI think you did a great job but there are other things that have to be considered. I give you props for showing the reality of eating on $1.50 a day.\n\nMaybe next time you could skip the fancy kitchen appliances someone who is poor would not be likely to have.