Purity Ring - Grammy

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"Grammy" originally performed by S0ulja BoyDownload available here:

4AD Ester Dean Fineshrine Lofticries Obedear Shrines Soulja Boy Purity Ring

Generic sound and beats. It's like you pulled it out of a cereal box
MKBHD got me into this.
Ab Grover
Way better than the original and you can't say that for most covers!
Abbyy Wabbyy
I've been in love with Purity Ring since hearing Sea Castle in the Marvel Runaways trailer
Afro Atheist
I don't remember this song of theirs. My daughter found it...😊
Amanda Lee
I love this???? So much???
Atprick B
Wow...they made this song tolerable.
Becca Perez
i never get sick of this song. I want to be buried to this.
Ben W
Wtf just heard the original and I'd feel bad if i were soulja boy XD so good
Black Sand
They'r so good
Bonbon Son
Legit just tried to listen to the original. Could not now Im here.
50,000 views? \n20,000 are probably me
C Kelly
This is still one of my most favorite covers ever.
This is the best song I've ever heard and I don't know why
Chryelle DeShawn
This is amazing. The moment of excitement when I first started listening was incredible.
Connor Phebus
Purity Ring ideed deserves a Grammy.
I dance like a girl on this song
Had to change to .75 speed to learn lyrics.
I was very confused and not sure what to think of this until I realised it is a Soulja Boy cover. 
Digiphex Electronics
Sounds like Katy Perry helped on this. I like their old style.
Eccentric Eric
Why is this song not on iTunes?
Eileen Aroon
DAMN Megan can rap!!!
Ellis Ammons
excellent, no more beyonce sellout, please
I'm a Purity Ring fan, but ehhh.. Don't really like this. I'll stick to listening to their other music.
Esme Marion
To be honest, I didn't know this was a cover. I thought it was just Purity Ring trying something vastly different to experiment their flexibilty. (I mean, Shrines and Another Eternity have such a different tone from each other, but they're both equally great albums)
Ethan Barwick
this is not good at all :/
Ethan Wulff
if i was S0uja Boy i'd feel a little outclassed...
Soulja killed his version foh
Fiorella Cignola
For purity ring standards, the vocals are very good, megan's voice is really nice here... The tune, sounds like that shitty song by diplo. Whatever.
Hannah Hyland
It has more views than the original.💕😂💯😎
Isaiah McDaniel
honestly this sounds kind of like lorde....
JR'n Kelsey-Shipper
I just consider this the good version.
Jacob Walter
I like their darker stuff but this is still good :) 
Jacob Williams
Came here from MKBHD
Jamal Harrison
I'm feeling this. Purity Ring is always a nice change of pace from my usual taste
Jeremy Beezy
h e a t
Jessica French
1:23 The underwear that was scattered on my face. Thought it said this for the longest time. Love the song though xD
Joe Moyles
There needs to be a Leonardo DiCaprio version of this song called Oscar.
Jordan Rae
Dope track purity ring crazy fam!! FREEE GIWOP
Jurgen Smith
Please could we have Grammy on iTunes
Kirsten Sam
I think the original is better than this . Souljas version was better .
Lou Poirier
Why there is not on Spotify ??
Yeah MC Megan ;)
Mari Caffarel
Mariah Challis
I neeeeed. Can this please be on itunes?
Matija Puček
Like if MKBHD brought you here.
Matt Dixon
MKBHD brought me here
Matt Fox TV
New favourite. For sure.
Mega Minx
But guys, shitting on the original isn't good, we wouldn't get to hear this cool tune without the original.
Moniqua Gatewood
What do you want from me cause I've given you everything\nWhat do you need from me - are you not happy with anything?\n\nParty like a rock star, hit 'em with the hot bars\nFast like a NASCAR, lime like my dad's car\nI deserve a Grammy, will I fly away\nOr land on Miami? I don't have time to rhyme\nBut I do have time to grind\nS.O.D. pirates, I don't need a hook\nMy lyrics illustrated verses taken from a book\nI understand the fans, supply and demand\nCrunk at command, fight and we'll stand\nLyrics from a true legend, livin life through God's blessing\nBig papers, long acres, top flight, no security\nBlack ice on me, call the jury\nYahh trick yahh, and we call it magic\nMy style may change if you call it drastic\nMoney so long and we is the measure\nI love my business and I love my pleasure\nLive now, die later, internet genius\nSelf proclaimed he a critically acclaimed\nFor the fortune and fame, he'll run through the rain\nFor a million in change, takin over the game\n18 years old with a drop top Phantom\nKidnap the world 'til they pay my ransom\nDeAndre Way, look what's tatted on my face\nFo' words to say - I deserve a Grammy\n\nWhat do you want from me cause I've given you everything\nWhat do you need from me - are you not happy with anything?\nIs it not good enough?\nAm I not good enough?\nHave I not gave enough?\nTell me what do you want from me\n\nTell me what you want\n\nWhat do you want from me cause I've given you everything\nWhat do you need from me - are you not happy with anything?\nIs it not good enough? Is it not good enough?\nAm I not good enough? Am I not good enough?\nHave I not gave enough?\nTell me what do you want from me\n\nIf wrong I just copied and pasted from a website so......
Moody Doody
Step aside Soulja boy, purity ring is taking that grammy
Naruko Velius
Love this song♥
Natasha Rogers
dis song is da bomb, y'all!!!!!!!!!
Neon Sushi
I always scrolled past this song every time I saw it, im happy I finally listened to it
Osvaldo Garcia
love this song freaking awesome! !!!!!!!
Pablo Macias
I think soulja boys version is better.
Patrick O'Donnell
When a 20-something white girl from Canada outraps a black professional one😂
Holy crap this is slick
bestest \u003c3
Ricky Kelly
i dont know...original or not, shes a great singer, love her voice!!!
I use to be obsessed with this song, I still like it though lol..! :)!
Someone told me Purity Ring were Trip Hop.\n\nI'd have to disagree..
Sara laFloaty
This is seems like a different style from them compared to what I'm used tohearing. I like it a lot but I like their other stuff as well. Ijust can'thelp but love them!
Shawn Mahoney
Very good voice!
For all your guys dissin' S0ulja Boy, PR covered their song because they loved the song and respected him, so you're kind of dissin' one of their favorite musicians.
Süleyman Yilmaz
:O its so hard to sing it lol
Hhahaha S0ulja Boy Tell em'!
Tsim Nou
Soulja's is better
Uperesa Fakava
Better than the original!
It's like when Cash covered \
Will Parry
I could listen to this forever, so damn good
Will Sanders
1:08 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Why are you guys talking about soulja boy as if he's still relevent?
The bass is amazing in the car.
bertie harrison
raps this amazing the rhyme scheme is incredible !
This is my fav song! ;o
brace face ïndy
are you not happy with anything..
this is awesome :0
Thank you, I love this song. As a Theologian, I imagine Christ singing this to the world today...
i love purity ring but what a shit taste in music they seem to have
gerard m
like the music. never heard the original. oh well. 
grace celianna
My anxiety is sounds like exactly like this. Hufd
leah jones
OMGGG I love you all's music!!!!
Im OBSESSED with your sound ! Just closing my eyes to your tunes makes the whole world magical and free from problems, if only for 3 minutes..
okan Özkan
bummmm ❤❤💪💣💣
when 0:29 hits... BRUHHHHH
steven murphy
Where can I buy this song
This song gives my life meaning.
willr7 gaming
You guys are absolutely amazing
Özkan Eden
Sorry that this masterpiece can't be streamed on spotify.