Richard Pryor-$1.50 cocaine (Hilarious)

The great Richard Pryor`s take on Leon Spinks and Cocaine...enjoy!

Pryor Richard boxing cocaine comedy drugs funny hilarious scarface stand-up

I'm white and I LOVE Richard Pryor..always have, always will..anyone of ANY color who has a problem w/ Richard has no sense of humor, comedy or talent.. RIP are missed!
This makes me want to cop some coke and snort it up my nose until my face numb. You're welcome.
😂😂😂😂😂😂r.i.p tp mr Pryor a real legend!!!
Baron Stephen von Bach-Paraski
I met Leon Spinks in the 1980s. A very kind, polite, considerate man, and that punch.
Betcha Sorrie
Nighaa u got to be crazy
Bill Hammond
this guy can make a game of checkers funny
Bob Hill
'i'll pay you tomorrow' just slayed me xD
Brian Grant
you can't see 1.50 cents worth of cocaine
Brian Keating
It's not even a question!! PRYOR is the greatest comedian ever!!
Brian Moore
R.I.P. Richard Pryor. The true original King of Comedy.
Bryan Turner
Curtistine Miller
David Bradford
It's really hard to get ready to laugh when you have to watch a 2-minute ad before the video
David Y
oh how I miss Pryor!! May he rest in peace.
Davin V
Leon be wearing some hats!
Doing Big thangs
3:33 he jabbing at bill cosby with his voice●
Don Wolfberg
the comment section on this video should be of way higher quality
Elijah Scott
Hail to the king, baby! :-)
Emo Ray Torres
Fingers Titan
Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder are back together.. if there is an afterlife.. I want to be at that party !!!!
Fred Waller
You should call white people the n word. It means not in gina's gimp motherfreaker.
Gerry Mcveigh
Speaks the real ..😎🎓💰
Herlena Harris
Brother Richard you are missed.  You were the funniest man ever. RIP 
Innovation Network
$1.50 of cocaine = ... introduction of crack(rock) 80's
Jack Wright
So many of the best leave us far too early.
Jacob Jarmolaski
I love Richard P. One of the most funny comedians I've ever heard
Jerome Gage Jr.
The King of Comedy
Jon Doe
According to inflation today it would be roughly tree fiddy
Juggalo University
Way 2 go Richard!
Julia Monroe
As a white person, I don't understand why this conversation even started. I didn't hear him making fun of white people in why bring it up. Richard Pryor was a comedic genius, not doing anything different from a lot of other comedians. They frequently use topics that make people uncomfortable, and find humor. This opens dialogue about shit we need to talk about. For myself, there is very little I can't find humor in. Lighten up, whoa didn't even plan that lol.
Keysha Jones
Redd Foxx and Richard Pryor was the original Kings of Comedy. RIP guys and miss you both
Kris Hammer
Kyle Thompson
Leon Spinks defeated Muhammad Ali by Split Decision for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship Of The World\n\nHe was stripped of the title after refusing to defend it against Ken Norton
Larry Barnhill
A true master of his craft. For me, Pryor had this ability to make you feel like he was in the room with you . a tongue and cheek style and at the same time an absolute open hearted approach that made you feel like you were making a new friend . thats just my 2 cents though
Leon Strand
Rich is STILL the funniest man on the planet!
Lori Wilson
We don't articulate the language because its not ours anyway. Baggn on us StL Lmao haha
Loryn Pat
This man is in my heart. God love him and keep him. He was wonderful.
Mark Marsh
That \
Martin Hyizna
LOL! My friend had this album and I used to sneak it into my room when I was a teenager and put on my headphones and laugh my ass off. My dad just thought I was in a good mood for no reason.....Good times! #RestInPeaceRichard and thanks for the laughter man!
lmfao i aint got no teefes
Mitch Bydalek
Leon lives in Nebraska I've met him. He's a really nice guy
Motown Girl
Love, love, love some Richard Pryor. Thee Best!!
Leon: Lemme get $1.50 worth of cocaine. I'll pay you back Tomorrow.\n\n\nMe: BRUH!....
Nelson Hernandez
Cocaine is a hell of a drug! Lmfao
Nick R
I a'int got no money. I ain't got no teefahs..
Nothing to See Here
God, one of the greatest stand-up comedians ever.
Nucomme Davis-Walker
Put it in ya hat!
Perlita Habanera
Knock at 7 am in the morning, What do you want , \
Quenton Gilliam
He may not articulate the language, but it aint his anyway!!!! TRUTH+
The atoms of cocaine aren't even worth $1.50!
Rasheed Lewis
top five dead or alive yo
Raymond Parsley
Richard Prior may have been the greatest comic of all times.... It's a pity he didn't stick around a little longer... A bright light that flickered out far to soon.
Rebecca S. Lancaster
Roseanne is no more a racist than Wanda Sykes. They are both comedians which tell truly tastless jokes sometimes.
Rev Eddro
Richard what a genius
San Puey
I aint got nothing to lose, I aint got no money, I aint got no teefus
Sir Jhonson
Thats were all of what the cops were willing to give up they saved the rest for them selfs .
Squire Hogg
Stan Gable
When Pryor was \
Steve Turowski
WOW! The other day I recorded the movie see no evil,hear no evil,gotta watch it later.and a couple weeks ago I watched stir crazy! We bad we bad, funny as hell,the part were gene slapped that big guys head,trying to kill that fly.
Long live the memory of the late, great Richard Pryor!\nxoxo The Clarences
He's The LEGEND. A whole different space and time then! We watched his stand-up \
Tae Kwando
Tango Bango
Richard Pryor was the funniest mother ever! RIP Brother!!
The Godfather
Richard Prior is literally on fire, lol. Black dynamite
There have been many funny comedians over the years, but Richard is THE greatest of all time. Nearly every stand-up of every color has cited him as an influence. He has brought so many together through laughter...he was able to have everyone laughing at and with themselves over his observations of everyday life, through black and white points of view. There will never be another like him. \n\nR.I.P. Rich...thank you for the laughs.
Tina Anthis
a true legend Richard Pryor no one will ever be like him we love you man rip
Toughen Up, Fluffy
That's $5.63 in today's dollars! That's a lot of cocaine!
Vana Phill
Pryor and Carlin, gone but not forgotten. two of the greatest ever!
Virgil Johnson
Money makes you more of who you are,,,,,his choice to do drugs
Wachu Talmbout
He probably just wanted to rub some on his gums!
Richard Was always my fav ,,But when he said Don't worry brother I pay tomorrow ,,OMG I rolled in the Floor......
chris edwards
Hes making fun of somebody on cocaine i make fun of addicts regardless of skin color
Whenever I buy my cocaine, I have a ballistics expert to test it.\nBut.... I have a theory. Would you like to hear it? My theory is Richard Pryor was the best comic ever 
dj chonka
all i can say is that his humor could fit all situations he was just funny end of
don g
What a great bit. Thxs for posting.
562 people disliked this; because they never made it to their car with their $1.50 of cocaine!
I watched a Richard Pryor show in the 70s that made me laugh so hard I broke 2 ribs! LMFAO
james bond
The best and the one and only. R.I.P.
johnny blaze
I love cocaine 👃❄
lemmy kilmister
i don't care if your white black pink or purple richard pryor is king of stand up
michael Toledo
noer el
best comedian in the world nobody comes close
old larry
Damn, that's the first boxer I've seen where you're guaranteed to hit him in the nose or the lips regardless of what kind of punch you throw lol
rob rodriguez
seth mcconnell
R.I.P Greatest comedian ever
Don't worry about it, bruh...I'll pay you
slap n pop
The sheer irony of pronouncing teeth, AS IF YOU HAVE NONE, is nothing short of genius
the Greatest American Negro
the great thing about pryor is that he appealed to both black and white people. they would be sat side by side at his concert laughing their heads off. race didnt come into it. one of the greatest comedians that ever lived.