2017 Grammy Recap

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Wendy dishes about the 2017 Grammy Awards! Find out what she thought about Adele's sweep and Beyoncé's performance.

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1Chinese Love
I think Beyonce album didnt deserve to win I have both albums 25 is better so get over it
Abdu Robinson
the way PEOPLE talk about Beyonce u would have thought she never wonc a Grammy please she has over 20 grammys yet disappointed that she didn't win album of the year please the grammys has been very good to Beyonce please forgive then to showing love to another artist
Alexandra Laguerre
I love Adele with all my heart ❤️ \nLove you Adele😘
Anass Jabri
when Rihanna got snubbed: \
Andrew White
Beyonce wasn't being THAT risky with the chair portion of her performance. It was a mechanical chair that was programmed to do that, it wasn't being held by her dancers. Although, I suppose she was lucky, because there have mechanical errors with props onstage in the past. It could've tipped over. Could you imagine the outrage?
Anna Fleming
Adele is an all around class act
Areonna Smith
Adele deserved that award just as much as Beyoncé did.. if not more.. she definitely worked for it. Therefore Beyoncé name shouldn't have came up in her speech, that was her time to shine. But once again Beyoncé became the center of attention throughout the whole show. I'm over her hype. & I'm prepared to argue w any member of the beyhive. 🤘🏾
Avarus Surava
The truth is I don't like beyonce, come fight me
Who else hasn't seen the Grammy and just waits for Wendy to break it down?
oh please..........Adele deserved it just as much as Beyonce... Everyone needs to stop drinking the Bey Kool-aid... seriously.. They are both artist...
Wendy just said she knew Lemonade, then doesn't know the two tracks performed. #JACKASS
Bianca C
Beyonce is very talented vocally, but Lemonade was her most mediocre album to date.
Biggie Talls
See.... THIS is exactly why non-blacks like to say we as a People play \
Bisous By Ghislaine
I didn't know the gravity of Wendy's difficult pregnancy. Damn all those months of bed rest damn, I'm glad she got her boy. S/O to all the pregnant women out there God bless you, wishing you a healthy beautiful happy pregnancy.
Cas O
Rihanna and her flask made my night 😁😁😁
Caz PK
Beyonce talks about motherhood but then risks her children's lives for the whole world to see and people and adele admire her? Strange world. And congrats to Veronica !!
Chrissy Robbins
Beyoncé can't win everything. But let me say this, I Love Adele, and I love how she talked about how her black friends in the UK felt empowered by Beyoncé's \
Christina Alexander
Adele ! Crazy girl. You worked just as hard as Bey. You deserved that award as much as she did. You won. Be happy you won ! Your songs are played all over the radio. Enjoy it now while you are on top of the charts. It doesn't last forever and congrats on the win !
Cindy Delano
Adele deserved those Emmys. She's more concerned with her voice and talent than by her image. No ego just pure talent.
Cosmic Creepers
'The way you made my black friends stand up for themselves' \u003c\u003c that made me cringe so hard 😖😖 should've just left it at \
Adele is so beautiful, likeable, and so down to earth. She can really do no wrong. She sounds elegant even when she curses.
Ok ive read all the debates about Adele and Beyonce. I love them both. But Let me just remind or inform you that Adele sold 20 MILLION albums worldwide for 25! It is the first album to go DIAMOND since 2004!! Who else is doing that these days?! NO ONE. Album of the year indeed!!
Devon B
Beyonce and adele are both Queens
Di'Lon Love-Gibbs
Beyoncé didn't do anything wrong. why is everybody hating? She's quiet respectable and about her business. what's wrong with that?
E'Rion F.
I just came here to see what rude remarks Wendy has to say about Beyoncé of course.
Efrain Hernandez
Congratulations to Adele on your Grammy for album of the year! This is payback for not winning video of the year at the MTV VMAS.
Eleni Selillo
I can't wait until this grammy talk is finally over
Fanta Kane
i've never watched the grammys in life😩 just the performances that end up online. i aint got time for that \
Farah B
Adele baby u deserved it Wendy can u plzz stop shading at Adele's win, i love u but Adele deserved it more than Beyonce.
Waited refreshed refreshed my notifications page 😂😂😂😂
Adele deserved that award more, her album was way more successful (ratio of 10 to 1)... btw she never broke her award for Beyonce, she accidentally broke it and asked for a replacement...
Grace Ntihinyuka
I cringed watching Adele saying she felt Beyonce deserved the award and not her. Like girl, you worked hard for that too, take the award, thank the ppl and go on! Tf.
I Am Klipklop
I know full adele albums but only two lemonade tracks....
I'm Always Right
Wendy: \
Jasmine Chantel
Rihanna looked absolutely beautiful & she was snubbed. 💞😒 How tf are you nominated for 8 damn awards & not win any?! She deserved at least 4 damn awards!!! 🤦🏾\u200d♀️🤦🏾\u200d♀️🤦🏾\u200d♀️
Jose S.M.
not everyone knows Lemonade... Lemonade sold 2million...25 sold 8million. And 25 was a better album overall. Lemonade without the visuals is nothing.
Beyonce did not deserve to win for her WORST ALBUM! I'm happy for Adele! Adele was a bit too modest when talking about LEMONADE. BEY CAN'T ALWAYS WIN.
Kali Marie
When are people gonna realize that Beyoncé doesn't walk on water. She's not a god and she's not the first women to her be pregnant. Normal women work hard up until the baby comes out, but it's Beyoncé so OMG. So annoying
I love Tinashe! She gives off such fresh energy and is a very under rated music artist. She definitely brings that 90s R&B/Pop feel back with her whole image, don't be doin her Wendy!
Years ago my friends and I met Beyoncé & Kelly in Miami. This was in the \
La Reyna
Beyonce is so OVER rated!!!!!
La la la
I love Adele and think 25 deserved the win but her white guilt made was pathetic. And Rihanna was snubbed!! Anti was amazing and how tf was she nominated for 8 Grammys and didn't even get one?! 😒 Idiocy.
Liam Gr
ADELE IS THE QUEEN NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY PEOPLE!!! She won because she deserves to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST QUEEN ADELE
Linda Olsob
im glad her sister solange won a Grammy as well. Her album a seat at the table was EVERYTHING!
Lovely Sister
Adele deserved that Award....two albums and 15 Grammys ....she's classy and humble.....now that's is a definition of a QUEEN. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Lynda wakoli
In My opinion '25 is a better album than 'Lemonade
Mamasita Buena
If you don't know a whole Adele album, that means you haven't taken the time to fucking listen to a whole Adele album. \nYou wanted Beyonce to win and that's a personal opinion which I respect (I love Beyonce!), but dismissing Adele's work like, \
I'm honestly sick and tired of people acting like it's a crime for Beyoncé not to win awards she's nominated for, as if she's some kind of deity to whom we owe everything. Granted, She is an amazing singer and performer, but knowing the Grammys are supposed to reward artistry I understand and agree that Adele is the true winner for album of the year, because she actually had like 9 different producers, including herself, to make \
Megha Agarwal
i think wendy doesn't know she's black.
Mwamba Mwelwa
Nadia G
Beyonce has become the Susan Lucci of the Grammys.
Beyonce's Lemonade should have won album of the year, and even ADELE knew that, THE WINNER, so whats everyones problem?
Nick P.
Beyonce and Adele were best friend goals last night.
Nick Passa
Wendy I watch you everyday but sometimes you say some stupid stuff. You said that you don't know a full Adele album but that everyone knows Lemonade. And then you said Beyoncé performed sandcastle sand love drought and that you never heard of them. Both songs from the Lemonade album lol WTF?! The truth is Adele deserved to win and proved why during her performances and her speeches.
Beyoncé is past needing industry approval. She has reached the pinnacle. The only person who should have been mad was Rihanna.  ANTI was the BEST album of the year. It was nothing but back to back bangers. 25 was alright, but outside of Hello, none of the songs really just hit me. Also, something is really going wrong with Adele's live vocals.  She did not sound very good.
Adele: breaks a Grammy because she wanted to share it with Beyoncé.\nTaylor: \
Petreanna Aching
She says she knows the entire Lemonade album but never heard of Love Drought or Sandcastles? Hmmm
Phil Lambzel
adele may be pretty but dont forget about her amazing and down to earth personality!!
Prettiestofalltheland Now
I'm tired of hearing about your pregnancy 14/15 years ago🙄
Prince Prince
beyonce looked like Naomi campbell while she was crying and saying thank you to adele
Wendy said we all know lemonade then said she's not familiar with either of the songs...
that Bruno boy killed it! Prince would be proud.honestly, truly!
A black woman hasn't won album of the year since 1999 for their own album that was not a theme track for a movie. Race is still a huge part of every area of our life although most white refuse to admit their privilege it's still there like a brick wall lol
Santana Devers
yes Wendy Adele is sooooooooooooo beautiful
Sapphire Gem
people have to realize that not everyone likes Beyonce and people shouldn't be ostracized for liking Adele better. Adele deserved her win, beyonce cant win everything!
Shane C
This is why I stopped watching Wendy; she's acting brand new as if she doesn't know what Nick is talking about. As a Black person, I get it. Working in white America, coming from Black America, you do have to \
I don't care for Adele or Beyonce. They're both overrated as hell. I didn't like Beyonce's performance at all. It was creepy/weird to me. I don't like her album Lemonade at all. I'm not biggest fan of Nick Cannon. He's kinda annoyin and be doin too much sometimes. Uh uh, American \
Sierra Duhh
I feel like Beyoncé is trying to be young with her lyrics, for example \
Did anyone actually buy Lemonade? Compared to 25 it sold peanuts.
Stella Luna
No, Wendy, not all of us know her album or listen to her music.
Steve L
the Grammys are not about popularity contest. yes i get it Beyonce didnt win album of the year but my God stop making it about race. lemonade was an okhay album with several producers with a few copied concepts. why would it ever win?
Tapwater Thirst Of Life
Adele is very Gracious and I'm happy she won. Poor RIRI though, ANTI was her best album IMO. She so badass!
Tay Roman
I don't think Beyawnce is as bad as her Fans/Stans/Beehive. The Beehive makes people hate her. She got if not 20 Grammys or more then I know she got 15 or more she not gon win all the time and too me I haven't liked A Beyoncé song in a few years now
Thurnis Haley
Beyonce is definitely pregnant this time. Her nose and her lips starting to spread, ladies who have been pregnant know what I'm talking about. Definitely no surrogacy involved.
Adele is a gracious and humble superstar, she deserved every single Grammy she won. I love her and her songs are songs that sing to your soul. Beyonce is ok but let's be real she doesn't deserve every single award just because she's Beyonce. Rihanna is my queen whether she won anything or not!
when Adele broke her award for Beyonce....Adele, what you doing?....25 was well written and produced - you deserved the win. For the visual factor Beyonce deserved AOTY...but in terms of the memorable songs Adele won it for me. Side note: Rihanna should've went home with at least one Grammy.
Adele destroyed Beyonce
Zevenen 70
wendy wendy wendy..... you suggest that people don't really know Adeles albums..... but 25 outsold Lemonade by 10:1.... so girlfriend, it's you who is not updated. And that is not the first time :)\n\n\nI love both albums, both artists, but it annoys when you don't stick to the facts. Adele sold more albums, had more streams, and sold more concert tickets. So stop this praising of Beyonce as if she is robbed.
Adel is a singer with a great voice Beyoncé Knowles is an entertainer with an OK voice
lemonade deserved AOTY.
The way the Grammys treated Metallica was so messed up!!! \n\nThey forgot to introduce them and only said Gagas name. \nThey forgot to turn on James' mic but lady Gagas mic was on. \n\nAnd all on the same night that Megadeth got their first Grammy. \nAnd when Megadeth won, they played a Metallica song instead. Shady AF.
courtney williams
what i got from Adele speech was \
dayna clemons
Adele was just making sure Mr West didn't jump on stage. lol.
Solange won a Grammy and not Rihanna? That's some BS. Anti is a dope project.
Wendy, saying you love Lemonade and not knowing Love Drought and Sandcastles is like celebrities saying they LOVE your show and stickin their legs straight int the air for shoe cam. #HowYouLyin?
jenny castillo
Rihanna was snubbed I can't believe she didn't win anything. She should have at least won Best R&B Song or Performance
Lemonade definitely did not deserve Album of the Year. 25 was a culture phenomenon, Adele shifted the music industry with her comeback and everyone is still trying to keep up. It had the biggest first week sales for any album, and was the biggest album of 2015 and 2016. Hello had the biggest first week sales for any single, and broke the vevo record. \n\nSay what you want, but the people have spoken. Adele had better reviews, better sales, and dominated 2016. 25 completely deserved Album of the Year.
kurisu kun
Beyonce got inspired by Mariah, but beyonce took it a little too far. And she was nervous when she had to talk.
wtf?'! i know all the songs on 25 and not those on lemonade, it all depends on your taste wendy seems biased
I absolutely adore Adele ... LOVE eveything about her .. and honey I know all songs from Adele's album INCLUDING all lyrics honey .. dont test me .. Adele is QUEEN .. Period !!
I recorded the Grammy's cuz I was binge watching SHAMELESS on Netflix. It was boring and when I saw Beyoncé all Virgin Mary'd out...I fast forwarded to the end.😏😴
Beyoncé gets unnecessary hate people are saying sh got a ego like what 😩 she don't say nothing to nobody u will never see Beyoncé disrespect artist unless they come for her but otherwise she so nice people think her music is her which is partly true but it shows fantasies dreams things that only Beyoncé knows I don't care if she had 1 million writers and producer they don't kno what on her mind or the thing she go through
is NBC serious? nobody cares about American Idol anymore! this is 2017 not 2001!
린 린
Stop talking about Adele like no one actually buys her albums and only listen to her singles, she sold more albums than lemonade and is loved across the world.\nI love lemonade (and beyonces other albums) but pretending like they're the greatest thing since sliced bread is just fake af, she didn't even write the songs! they're a mixture of other people's poetry, samples and other writers writing it for her.