5 VEGAN MEALS UNDER £1($1.50) | Budget-friendly Recipes for Beginners

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80 Slim Shady's
I'm taking a poll; How many people are vegan to save animals? and how many are vegan only because it's healthier not because of animals?
A CRIative Life
absolutely in love with your videos! the recipes, the style, the musics... biggest inspiration! \u003c3
Abbie Garcia
The recipes look amazing and the aesthetic too😍
Love this! and also love the music! Not sure if the link was supposed to go next to \
Aj Battle
I remember I watched a video where 2 people went vegetarian for a month and they were bashing the diet saying it supposedly cost them 40dollars to make a chilli
I always forget how much I love oatmeal with apples! I like to throw in a little sprinkle of chopped or halved pecans, too!
Amy Joanna Cano
I’m turning pescatarian after eating meat almost everyday for 20years, and this is helping me soooo much !
When you say \
Anna K.
Thank you for so much great inspiration😍😍
Loved the video! Super helpful
Arneda C
I love that you actually eat. Looks amazing. Thank you.
Aylin Sönmez
It looks sooooo delicious. Here's to all of you saying vegan food is expensive! Thank you Maddie 😍
Barbara Carbone
It's amazing how inexpensive good whole foods can be.. Thanks
Beta Psy
Fantastic video and wonderful ideas, I will be making all of these dishes starting tomorrow, you have made a massive difference thank you Madeleine! Subbed and Notified :)
Caitlin Gare
I literally just made every single one of these lol
Catherine B
I made the Dahl for my husband who is from India and he really enjoyed it.
Cathy Threadgold
Loved this! such wholesome delicious food and looks so simple to do, love your recipe vids
Chaz Goss
Great recipes! Good for mid week meals :)
the lack of oil in everything triggers me so bad haha. Especially with spices... cooking in oil blooms the spices and makes them much better
Clem Came
Please, more videos like this!!
Cookie Love
THE BEST MEALS IVE SEEN \n& you have fun personality... ive subbed 😋
Daniella Emily
i love your sweater Madeleine!! Its so adorable! Where did you get it?
I just found your channel and I just have to say that you are so cute!
Dianne M
I can't believe how much more expensive foos is in Romania, a poorer country.. brown pasta for 0,56?? Here it's like 1,5£.. and everything seems to be more expensive here..😑 but people earn way less
Dóri Nász
I'm definitely going to try that noodle stir fry!:) These are really great ideas.
I’ve just made your lentil dahl and it is absolutely delicious and so easy to make! Thank you very much for the recipe 😘 also, the video is great!
Eli R. M.
Idk but this makes me cry...of happiness, I´ve never watched a vegan meal video that makes me feel so great when watching it, I just fell in love with this channel, im SO EXCITED to give this recipes a try! Oh and I also find your chopping skills very relaxing goooooood
Elle N
Wish I had used these recipes back when I was a student, would have saved so much money 🤦🏻\u200d♀️ Out of interest where do you bulk buy all your spices? I usually get mine from my local health store but I wondered if they were cheaper else where! Great video 🌱💕
Ellie McHale
Yum!! This is the first video on your channel I’ve watched and I instantly subscribed.
Elweth 0
Yeess more please 🖐🏾 excellent video 💖
Emily Bryce
Dude wash your lentils 🤢
Emily T.
Idk if I'll make these. But this was super relaxing to watch.
Erica Barnes
Thank you so so much!! I'm transitioning to veganism. this is a life saver!
Fairyland Cottage
Great video and editing !
Ffion Clay
I am so happy I found your channel!!! I just love you and thank you for these awesome videos! I am a major vegan beginner and appreciate the meal inspiration!! Thank you! :)
Glenna Martin
Fabulous!!! !!
Hani Pretty
You know, it was so nice to see you coking \
Hilo Palin
Your videos are so fantastically made -- the recipes, the music, your personality... it's beautiful \u003c3
looks amazing! and you've got my blender, too
Janani Ananthanarayanan
Also I think you can transfer spaghetti or other noodles more easily if you use chopsticks to transfer them from the stove to bowl. It's more convenient!
Jenna Haldane
Thank you so much for these delicious recipe ideas! I fly back to England from Japan in two days, and I’ve had the flu for the past week so I’m really looking forward to cooking some healthy vegan meals. Perfect timing as always!
Thank you so much for these recipes!! I have been vegan for a few months but have not cooked much at all. Went shopping last night and am making either the Dahl or noodle stir fry tonight when I get back :) THANKS!!!!
Jeremy Dale
That Dhal looked so amazing I went out and bought the blender and groceries to make it! So excited to try it... why does 40 minutes feel like 40 days right now?!
Jessica Icard
I was cutting an onion the other day and ate a huge chunk...FOR ALEX! LoL
JuStyle X
Love your videos!!! (And eyebrows lol)
Julia S.
First time watching your channel and I'm in love with these recipes! Definitely want to make the lentil dahl!
Kea Lynn
I wish I wasn't allergic to tomato!!!
I'm really working to cut meat out of my diet because of how awful the industry is, these recipes are super helpful! Thanks for making this.
La Petite Cassette
Hiya! Thanks a lot for those ideas ! May I ask what camera you use ? The video looks fresh too ! Thx and keep it up !
Lana Lea
Yay! Happy new year! ☃🐭🍝
Lara Caires
i'm not even vegan but these foods look SO DAMN GOOD i'm hungry now
Lauren Doherty
love this! you should try and do \
Lindsey Hill
Yum!! They all look so good! 🤤😋
Liza Binnerts
I looooove these recipe videos! I tried all of them from your previous video and LOVED them all. Very keen to try all these ones! Thank youuuu \u003c3
Such a great video, Maddie! Thank you! ❤
Madeleine Olivia
Who is giving veganuary a go? Hopefully this sparks some budget-friendly recipe ideas for you! The ingredients and budget breakdown is all listed in the description :)
Mary's Test Kitchen
I love your style!!!! \nEating onions right off the cutting board is next level tho lol
Mellysa Reyes
seriously just paused the video and made the oatmeal
Michelle Neubauer
The way you cut your onion in the third recipe really gives me anxiety 😂
Minimalist Vlogger
WOW! i need to try these!
Miren Summers
If you haven't got a blender here's an even easier lentil daal:\n100g toor/chana dal lentils, 300 ml water, 1/2 onion diced, 1 clove garlic whole, 1 red/green/dried chilli sliced in half, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp turmeric\nsimmer for 45-75 mins\n\nopional: 1 tomato, handfull of curry leaves, mustard seeds\nserves 2
Misty Nicole
Awesome! New vegan and always looking for ideas! I'd love to see some bulk shopping and more zero-waste recipes too!
Morgan Lynch
I make that dhal all the time its so so nice! I sometimes add cauliflower to give it something extra x
Paula C. Quineche
My brother loves the first recipe but for breakfast, also my mum loves it! So much love and good vibes from Peru darling!💕💕💕
Pinja Ojala
You have the most inspirational and relaxing videos! This one was really helpful, thankyou!
its not like anyone would buy a quarter avocado... really misleading
Rachel Griffiths
I've been wanting to go vegan for ages, but haven't had the control.. you've inspired me that it's actually really easy and achievable! I love this video, now subscribing! :)
Rav Singh
Great video, yummy food and cool music 👍🏽
Rochelle Suddens
Thanks Maddie, lots of yummy ideas but where does one buy brow sugar? :)
Samantha Ray
Yaaaaas I'm so happy you did this sort of video! I've been looking for recipes for a more affordable, vegan diet since a food budget is definitely a resolution of mine for 2018. Thanks Maddie! 😊❤
Sara French
Yum! we've been eating so much soup recently, and I've ben getting so tired of it lol. I need to try some of these! Especially the stir fry :) looks delicious!
Sarah Jane
Thanks for posting this. I’ve always been a picky eater and dislike spicy food but I hope to make some of these!
She Got Next
So I’m allergic to avocado😭😭😂
Siedem Rue Swl
currently in UK! this is lovely to see that i can pay less to eat great!
Siobhan Lemaire
I love how much different spices you add
Hey there! May i aks why you always cook your recipes in water instead of olive oil? The body can take most vitamines out of the vegetables only in combination with fat. If you would use some healthy oil in your meals you could even make them healthier and more tasty at the same time. Healthy fat acids are very important for your body and transport vitamines and flavors better.
Stacey Jones
Great recipes! Although..I don’t think nutritional yeast tastes like cheese at all..... I must be weird.... or maybe I’m not used to it yet.
Your videos have made me really think about eating vegan. I may not agree with the ideology completely as I do like meat but I simply can't afford to buy meat all the time anymore. I will subscribe and am looking forward to your vegan meal ideas for the future.
Haha now I am hungry and it's like 2.30 am!
Tori Flot
i absolutely hate the misconception that veganism is expensive. i've been vegan for a year and a half and i've saved so much money on food its insane! loved these recipes as well!
Valarie Smith
I don’t know why, but I love watching you cook!!! The way you guys film the process really keeps me glued to the screen!!
Valerie Mussey
Omg 😂 that onion moment. Officially my favorite person now.
e tawhiti
You're recipes are insanely good, so packed with flavour, thanks for making these video's! 😍🍲
evert anders
imane zanane
Amazing \u003c3 This vid was soo handy
Loved it! :)
Recently tried the chile sin carne and the pasta dish that followed and my entire family loved it
manon guinchard
All those recipes look amazing ! I'm gonna try them really soon \u003c3
Love your recipe videos!!! 😊\nYou inspire me to become vegan. I always thought being vegan was difficult/expensive, but it seems to be a terrible misconception. I suppose the hardest part is knowing where to start. Could you make a video on veganism for beginners? Cheers xoxo
You look like a cute little vegan Nigella.
pierre marc Jette
Here is my Beef. Too many vegan recipe use meat product name in the description. Why? I thought that meat was bad?
pretty money
That oatmeal had me drooling... I eat oats everyday and don't know why I never make this😂
but you didn't calculated the spices and I think they make the deal...🙈
Looks yummy! 😋
siyabulela pheshe
Wow you guys are super cookers. I like the fact that you are basic and acccomodative
stay gold
This proves you can eat healthy for cheap! and if you dont have the time, setting aside 30 minutes of time you would have spent watching tv (watch tv while you cook =) ) for treating your body well would be much better for your future well being.
wikki amornsak
These are perfect for cheap meal prep!! But I’ll replace frying with water with coconut oil! Thanks!
youdontknowme xox
watches vegan video *kfc ad pops up*
Мими Пандърска
Im not even a vegan,but im like daaaamn it looks so goooood. XD