No Mans Sky NEXT | Patch 1.50 PS4 Pro Gameplay (Updated Graphics) | Shotana Studios

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Better Graphics, Better Gameplay, Papa John's sucks...But seriously lets explore!Things I do in this video:Figure out all the new names of the elementsFind my very own freighterCustomize my characterSwitch to 3rd PersonTerraform the planetExplore cavesFight pirates Become the captain of my very own freighterAnd most importantly of all, discover a handful of glitches!=D Like us on Facebook and Twitter

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David Georgia
Nice and all but annoyed by the frame rate loss. Had this game since day one release.
Eric Nick
Dame i missed the end of the stream. Fell asleep
Thresh The chain warden
You aren't the only one who liked the beginning version of this game, I did too. But holy crap is there some amazing stuff here now.
It was a major update. Always better to start a new game after big updates.
Tyler Thunder
Great vid the first patch for NEXT is already coming!
Are the frame rate drops these frequent normally? Im thinking about buying it but i might back away if the drops are these frequent